Worthy, Part 37


Abigail and Genevieve enter their motel room and drop their bags near the table. At lunch, they ran into Leah and Alyssa, and after a rather contentious conversation, they confessed to why they are here.

“Well that didn’t go quite how I expected it would,” Genevieve says.

“Why did you have to bring up Tim? You’ve been on my case day and night about not giving away the store when talking to Alyssa and you go and name drop her husband.”

“I don’t know. It just slipped out.”

“And why did you think Leah would buy that ridiculous story about Rosie being in Israel?”

“She wanted to phone Mom. I had to tell her something.”

“What about the truth? What’s the point of lying to her?”

Genevieve goes to the bed and sits. “At least we don’t have to move.”

“Don’t we? If the person who does the wifi here catches up to us, I can’t imagine the motel will just let bygones be bygones.”

“Leah said she’d call him off.”

Abigail shakes her head. “The only good to come out of this is that we can at least operate above board now.”

“True. Plus I might get to see Steven again.”

“Steven. Don’t go getting all starry-eyed over him. He might be married.”

“I didn’t see a ring.”

“That doesn’t necessarily mean anything you know.”

While waiting for Genevieve earlier, Abigail checked in as Zelda and found a message from their cousin Barbara stating that her pastor was encouraging her to adopt the remaining embryos that were produced when Genevieve was conceived. At lunch, they learned Leah had received a phone call from a lawyer with the clinic which she referred to her attorney.

Genevieve lies back and props herself on her elbows. “I can’t believe Barbara is trying to get her hands on the embryos. She seemed really nice when I met her as a kid.”

“Religion can change people. I hope this Steven Asher lives up to his reputation. How old is he?”

“I don’t know. Mid-twenties maybe.”

“That doesn’t sound very long to be practicing law.”

“Leah sounded confident he could figure something out. I can always look him up.”

“That sounds like a good idea. I need to look someone up myself.”

“Your brother?”

Abigail nods. “Neil didn’t give me many facts about him other than he goes by his middle name.”

“He works for the CDC, right?”

“Yes. He’s also a pediatrician rather than a surgeon. I’m sure our father loved that.”

“That is one dysfunctional family.”

“Tell me about it. Jillian told me early on that whoever made the decision to raise me away from them did me a favor.”

“Sounds like it.”

Abigail slides over to the phone. “In fact, I’m going to call him now. I could use something to take my mind off this afternoon.”

Genevieve rolls off the bed. “I’ll go check out Steven.”

She gets on the computer as Abigail dials a number Neil gave her.

“Oh, Winn, hi. I didn’t expect you to pick up your own phone. This is Abigail Worthy. Neil was supposed — oh, he did. Yes. I’m looking forward to meeting you, too. Tomorrow?”

She covers the phone. “What are you planning to do tomorrow?”

“I think I may go by Tech.”

Abigail nods. “It looks like I’ll have some time tomorrow. That sounds great. Sure, just text me the directions. I’ll see you then.”

Abigail concludes the call. “Wow, he sounds nothing like his father.”

“That’s a good thing, right?”

“I guess. He says he works at the Chamblee campus. He’s invited me to lunch.”

“Sounds like we’re both finding new families.”

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