Worthy, Part 40


When they arrive at Winn’s home in Grant Park, Abigail introduces Alyssa and Tim.

Winn says, “Roger’s busy in the kitchen at the moment but as soon as he emerges, I’ll do the honors. The kids have to finish their homework before we let them roam around.” He focuses on Alyssa. “How much longer until your little one gets here?”

“Dr. Stafford estimates mid- to late-August.”

“Rhonda Stafford?” 

Alyssa nods. 

“She’s top notch. You’re in great hands with her.”

When Leah and Genevieve arrive, Abigail notes that while they are wearing different outfits, the style is very similar, jeans with an expensive top, and boots. Genevieve is also wearing a loose vest that’s not buttoned with the sleeves of her shirt rolled up and the shirt untucked.

“Did you get new clothes?” Abigail asks Genevieve.

“Yeah, you like them?” Genevieve models for her.

“Not your usual style.”

“They’re casual but elegant.”

“I see Leah’s already having an influence on you.”

“I can’t explain it. It’s like she says something or does something and I think, yeah, I can see that. When we were shopping, a shirt or a pair of shoes would catch my eye and before I even said anything she’d point to it and say, what about this?”

“Nature versus nurture, I suppose. Leah has a very strong personality. Just don’t be too overwhelmed by her.”

“Look, I’m going to have to cover an entire lifetime with this woman in just a few weeks. We’re not quite to the teen rebellion stage, yet. Besides, I’ve been told I have a pretty strong personality myself.”

“That’s true. Now we know where you get it.”

Roger enters from the kitchen with a tray of drinks he sets on the table, indicating which are alcoholic, and introduces himself to everyone. He’s a marketing specialist who moonlights as a party planner and Abigail notes that he has a fussy nature with details which probably serves him well in his second job. He and Leah seem to hit it off and spend several minutes having an animated discussion about a mutual acquaintance they discover they have. 

Roger announces that dinner will be ready shortly and asks Winn to check something in the kitchen. Abigail tags along for help.

“Winn, can I get your opinion on something?” She says, once they’re alone. “I have a decision to make and I want to sound you out on it.”

“Sure, if you think it might help.”

Abigail explains the offer Leah and Alyssa made her a few days ago.

“I hardly know these people and they’re willing to fund my entire education.”

“Can they afford it?”

“Oh yeah. Many times over.”

“Have they asked for anything in return?”

“Just that I live up to my fullest potential.”

“Then they must see something in you that they believe in. There’s no shame in accepting someone’s generosity. Education is very expensive and not everyone has a rich doctor or wealthy philanthropist backing them up like I did. Remember, its not how you get somewhere. Its what you accomplish once you’re there. I think you definitely have the potential to accomplish a lot.”

She hugs him.

“Thanks. You’ve been a big help.”

“I’m always here if you need a sounding board, plus I can help you with the application process. Let you know what they might be looking for.”

They head back out to the living room. Abigail addresses everyone.

“Before we have dinner, I have an announcement to make,” Abigail says. “Recently an opportunity has come up for me to attend medical school in Atlanta and I’ve decided to do it. Provided I get accepted, of course.”

“Really?” Genevieve says. “You’re not leaving?”

“I have some loose ends to tie up back home, but yes, I’ll be moving here.”

Genevieve runs across the room and gives her a big hug. “That’s great, Abby! I’m so happy.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Everyone else congratulates her. Roger disappears into the kitchen before returning and pronouncing dinner served.


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