Worthy, Part 6


On her first day at Oregon Health & Sciences University, Abigail notes that one of her classmates is Neil Hawkins. He also takes note of her, but is accosted by friends on his way out of class, allowing Abigail to make a clean get away before he can approach her. A similar incident occurs in the other class they’re taking together, so it isn’t until Abigail is having lunch in the cafeteria when Neil finally catches up to her.

“Hey,” he says as he sits across from her. “Weren’t you at my house a few months ago?”

“I was. I’m surprised you remember.”

“I’ve got a good memory for faces,” he replies. “I’m Neil.”

“Yes, I know. Abigail.”

“Yeah. Right.” He points at her and nods. “So you’re going to school here, eh?”

“Nothing gets past you, does it?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Didn’t you say you play something?”

“I did. Saxophone and guitar.”

“You should come jam with us.”

“Who’s us?”

“Oh, my band’s playing a frat party in a couple of days. We’re practicing tomorrow.”

“Maybe I will.”

“I’ll bring you directions to where we practice tomorrow.

Neil rises.

“See you in class, Abby.” He pauses. “Oh, wait, is it okay for me to call you that?”

“Sure,” she replies.

“See you around then.”

Neil leaves.

Abigail spends the remainder of her day getting oriented to her classes and bonding with her dorm mate, who’s also in one of her core classes. She gets several calls from her mother — it’s the first time she and Rhiannon have lived apart — and one from her cousin Genevieve, who Abigail regards as a sister. When she finally makes it to bed, she’s ready for a good nights rest.

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