Deer Encounter at Stone Mountain, 20 September 2015

While out walking along the Cherokee Trail at Stone Mountain Sunday, 20 September 2015, I ran across a deer meandering around in the woods. This was on the section of the trail that runs beside Robert E. Lee Drive, somewhere between the one, one and a half, or  two mile markers. I started recording video and was fortunate that no one came along jogging or walking dogs to scare it away.

As it moved further down the trail, I tracked it until it stopped again, and started moving in for a better view, still fortunate that no one else was around. All the while, people were walking, driving and cycling several hundred feet away on Robert E. Lee Drive totally oblivious to the presence of this woodland creature.

As is to be expected mid-mornings on the Cherokee Trail, a couple of folks showed up with their dogs, which scared the deer away. Fortunately, I was recording as it beat a hasty retreat.

Sunday was an unusually good day for walking the trail, which is to say, more video to come!

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