Talmadge Eugene Lupo, 1933-1995

51_tel_class_portrait_01Remembering my father, Talmadge Eugene Lupo (13 April 1933 – 5 April 1995) on what would have been his 82nd birthday. He was born thirty years and one week before I was.

He graduated high school in Homerville, GA in 1951.

telupo_airforce_09He served two terms in the U.S. Air Force throughout the 1950s, stationed in West Germany.


He and my mother, Emily, were married 18 August 1961 in Atlanta, GA, where he was attending Atlanta Law School.

61_aug_tel_south_georgiaApr13086My father worked for the City of East Point for over twenty years, starting out as a meter reader, and moving over to the Water Department as a plant operator in the 70s. I have many memories of him there.

He was an active member of Park Street Methodist Church, where he served in every official capacity other than minister. People who knew him there always remarked on his knowledge of the Bible.

Apr28179My parents were married for thirty-three years.

EPSON042At the time of his death in 1995, he had three sons, and one granddaughter. Shown above, granddaughter Christina

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