Worthy Serial


Abigail Worthy is a character I developed for my play, Another Mother, which had its world premiere performance at The Essential Theatre Festival in Atlanta, GA, August 2017. The story serialized here covers roughly five years in her life, starting with her going to college in Portland, Oregon and ending with her acceptance into medical school in Atlanta, Georgia and slightly beyond.

Most of these segments were written within 24-hours of being posted between May and July of 2016. They are rough outlines of the story as it existed in my head at that time. Much of the story has evolved as a result of work I did getting Another Mother ready for production, and other developments, such as publication of the story collection Atlanta Stories: Fables of the New South, and the novel Rebecca, Too, in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The finished product will incorporate the larger story of Abigail, her mother Rhiannon and aunts, Regan and Rosalind, and her cousin Genevieve Duchard. Since posting these, the “expanded universe” which encompasses fictional Atlanta I’ve developed has expanded considerably.

The final piece, Worthy 51, was written after the play and represents the new direction I’m moving with the story.

  1. Abigail & Rhiannon
  2. Rhiannon’s Family
  3. The Worthys Drop in on Elspeth
  4. Rhiannon Learns She’s Pregnant
  5. Rhiannon & Abigail Meet with Elspeth
  6. Abigail Encounters Neil at School
  7. Neil’s Band
  8. Abigail Tells Neil How They’re Connected
  9. Abigail Meets Her Father
  10. Daniel Confronts Abigail & Neil
  11. Road Trip to Visit Jillian
  12. Abigail Meets Jillian
  13. Visit with Jillian Concludes
  14. Jillian Phones Abigail
  15. Rhiannon & Genevieve Meet Neil
  16. Abigail & Jillian Hang Out
  17. Jillian Coaches Abigail and Abigail Gets Some Bad News
  18. Rhiannon in the hospital.
  19. Rhiannon wakes up
  20. Abigail & Rhiannon with the band
  21. Abigail goes on a date
  22. Rhiannon decides to return home
  23. Abigail prepares to graduate
  24. Abigail and Lauren discuss their relationship
  25. Abigail graduates
  26. Abigail’s DNA Study
  27. Abigail Phones Her Cousin Barbara
  28. Rosalind talks to Abigail about Genevieve
  29. Rosalind dies
  30. Abigail gets Genevieve’s DNA results
  31. Abigail confronts Rhiannon
  32. Abigail and Genevieve review her DNA results
  33. Genevieve graduates
  34. Abigail & Genevieve arrive in Atlanta
  35. Abigail & Genevieve get settled in Atlanta
  36. Genevieve meets her biological mother
  37. The cousins regroup after a tense encounter
  38. Abigail meets her older brother
  39. Leah and Alyssa make Abigail an offer
  40. Abigail makes an important decision about her future
  41. Abigail moves to Atlanta
  42. Abigail and Genevieve run into a friend from Seattle
  43. Alyssa goes into labor at a band show
  44. Abigail meets with a recruiter to find a job
  45. Abigail worries about Genevieve’s reaction to her employer
  46. Abigail’s new job
  47. Abigail meets someone
  48. Gloria meets the band
  49. Abigail helps Steven with a project
  50. Abigail prepares for medical school
  51. The Phone Call


Abigail Worthy, 18 at the start of the story, a biology (pre-med) student from Seattle, WA.

Rhiannon Worthy, 44 at the start of the story, Abigail’s mother.

Genevieve Duchard, 16 when she joins the story, Abigail’s cousin.

Neil Hawkins, 18 at the start of the story, Abigail’s half-brother.

Other characters include Daniel Hawkins, a neurosurgeon and Neil & Abigail’s father, Elspeth (Armstrong) Hawkins, Neil’s mother, Jillian and Daniel (Winn) Hawkins, Jr. Neil’s siblings, Rosalind Duchard, Abigail’s aunt, Leah Walker and Alyssa Caine, two sisters connected to Genevieve, from Atlanta.

The earliest sections are set in Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA, but as the story goes on, the action will move to Atlanta,GA.

Here’s a mock-up of the cover art.