ARTC, Academy Theatre, Hapeville, GA, 29 March 2015

The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (ARTC) performed Continuance: Stories Not Yet Ended at the Academy Theatre in Hapeville, GA, March 28 & 29.The show was a benefit in memory of ARTC member Bill Kronick, and proceeds benefited the American Brain Tumor Association. I attended the Sunday performance. Special musical guest was local singer/songwriter Julie Gribble, … Continue reading ARTC, Academy Theatre, Hapeville, GA, 29 March 2015

Force of Habit

I'm normally a creature of habit; I buy fruit and don't eat it; I always set the alarm clock earlier than I should, then hit the snooze button until I feel like getting up; I always buy the same brand of toothpaste, even if there are deals on other brands. This behavior on my part … Continue reading Force of Habit

Free Bird!

Public domain Confederate flag image taken from I added the musical notes in Photoshop.I have a theory. Most rock anthems, regardless of how mediocre they are, become hits because the first time people hear them, they're stoned. It's the only explanation I have for Stairway to Heaven, which is musically very good, but lyrically … Continue reading Free Bird!