Free Will

  A central tenet at the heart of many philosophies and religions is the notion of free will and how much it guides our daily existence. Are we free to choose our own course in life, or have our lives been written ahead of time by some unseen heavenly entity and we are merely following … Continue reading Free Will

The Non-Intervening God 

My god, my god, why have you forsaken me? --Psalms 22, quoted by Jesus on the cross. Many years ago, I turned away from organized religion. It was not an easy decision on my part, and learning to live with that decision has been an ongoing process in my life ever since. When people speak … Continue reading The Non-Intervening God 

Real Bible Studies: The Book of Jonah

One of the shorter books of the bible, Jonah provides us with a situation where God has a justifiable beef with one of its subjects. We also see a significant alteration in how God deals with disobedience, as opposed to Genesis and other early books. Faced with a totally unwilling prophet, God gets very creative, … Continue reading Real Bible Studies: The Book of Jonah

Real Bible Studies: Cain and Abel

Of the stories in the Old Testament, one of the most recognizable is that of Cain and Abel, the classic rivalry between the favored son and his less lauded brother, which resonates throughout history, becoming the archetype for countless stories of brotherly hatred. Those who quote it, however, may not realize exactly how thin the … Continue reading Real Bible Studies: Cain and Abel