Rebecca, Too (Hardcover)


Alyssa Caine wakes up from a car accident claiming to be Rebecca Asher and asking for Rebecca’s brother, Steven. Leah Walker, Alyssa’s estranged sister, sets out to learn all she can about Rebecca to find out why and bring Alyssa back.

August 2010 has not been kind to Alyssa. Her father, Paxton Walker, dies of a heart attack while golfing, then Alyssa learns a friend, Rebecca Asher, who she hasn’t seen for several years, died in a car accident shortly after Alyssa last saw her. On the afternoon of her wedding anniversary and on her way home, Alyssa swerves to avoid another accident and crashes her minivan, sending her to the hospital.

Alyssa finds herself trudging through the woods in a tattered Princess outfit, where she encounters The Storyteller, a mysterious figure who seems to know everything about her. He assigns her a companion and gives her three tasks: protect the boy; reconcile with the fair maiden; confront the dragon. Once she accomplishes these, he assures her, she’ll find her way home.

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