Author’s Intent, Acknowledgment

Most writers look forward to receiving reviews from readers, which can serve as an acknowledgment of the work and not just a critique. At the very least, a review demonstrates that someone has read the book and took the time to share their views on it. Positive or negative, reviews still serve as proof that someone is paying attention.

In a larger sense, everyone appreciates being acknowledged by someone. Parents are known for checking up on their kids, and there are very few who fail to appreciate the friend who’s “always there” no matter the circumstance. It’s nice to have a little pat on the back once in a while, recognition for a job well done, or a thumbs up for completing a difficult task.

For the past several years, I’ve been taking walks first thing in the morning, usually around three or four a.m. One might think that it would be rare to encounter others at this time of the morning, but it’s actually rather common for me to run into people depending on where I am. There’s a well-lit area about three miles from my home with sidewalks that’s a favorite running course, and I frequently encounter others while there.

One such person is a woman who introduced herself as Ruthie when I encountered her one morning. She works out at a gym that I watched being built a few years ago and sometimes walks or jogs around the area surrounding the gym before going to work out. Since meeting her, we always exchange greetings whenever I see her and whenever she spots me as she’s driving past, she’ll honk. I barely know her, and yet, she takes the time to acknowledge seeing me.

It’s always nice to know there’s someone out there who cares enough to acknowledge one’s presence. I’ve noted that as I’m walking along one or more of the courses I’ve developed over my time walking in the area, several drivers, including truck drivers, honk. I have no idea who they are or where they have seen me, but they’ve come to recognize me and give me a bit of a shoutout when they encounter me. It’s reciprocated in that I always acknowledge others I encounter.

Regardless of whether one is seeking renown as a writer or simply the knowledge that someone has read and enjoyed something we wrote, it’s always nice to hear someone appreciates the effort one makes to produce the work. For writers, who place their words before an otherwise invisible audience, it could be just the encouragement needed to keep forging ahead with the work. Writing is a solitary task and writers can be rather insecure about what we do, so an occasional reminder that our work is reaching someone is always nice to receive. To that end, I encourage anyone who has ever been moved by a written work to share their thoughts on it. It may be just what the author needs to hear.

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