Once again, we find ourselves at the threshold of a new year, one that looms ominously before us with much potential calamity and chaos. I’m not a huge believer in starting over each time the calendar turns over. I think U2 got it right when they said, “Nothing changes New Years’s Day”. We’re no closer to the end of the pandemic and changes in the election process in many right leaning states promise to yield far more harm than good.

I gave up staying awake to welcome in the new year some time ago, and I’m usually not kept awake by the neighbors firing off fireworks, so I’ll likely be in bed early as usual. I have decided not to go out for a walk the following morning, since there will likely be lots of people returning from festivities at around the time I normally go out, but I may relent, depending on the weather and head out anyway. Walking is about the only activity I engage in outside the house these days, since I’m often the only one out at that time, though I occasionally encounter others. It’s not hard to avoid contact.

Here’s hoping the next year surprises us and turns out to be a time we finally start to deal with some of the problems we’ve been facing, but I can’t say I’m optimistic. At this point, I’ll settle for a job that lasts longer than a month or two. I’m hopeful I’ll make progress on some projects I’ve been working on for a while and initiate some others.

In any event I wish everyone a safe and contented 2022.

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