Worthy, Rosalind and Marcel

Rosalind Duchard sits in the office of her brother-in-law, Marcel. She’s come to solicit a favor from him, but as she outlines it for him, he starts shaking his head.

“Rosie, you know I’m not that kind of lawyer. I do real estate. I don’t handle custody cases.”

“Don’t worry about it, Marcel. It just needs to sound legal. It won’t have to hold up in court.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I know this woman,” she says. “She’ll never want custody.”

“That’s an awfully big leap. What exactly is it she’s providing?”

“Eggs. Ova, to be more specific. We’ll combine them with Paul’s sperm and make babies.”

“So, in a sense, she’ll be gifting them to you.”


“I could fashion something after a deed of gift, I suppose. I can’t guarantee how legal it will be.”

“Like I said, it just has to sound legal. She’s smart, but no judicial scholar.”

“Why don’t you just talk to the clinic? I’m sure they have lawyers who specialize in these types of transactions.”

“The problem is she won’t agree until we have something in writing. We can’t even get her into the clinic.”

He considers this. Rosalind can see the wheels turning in his head. “Okay, give me the details and I’ll fashion something that should do the trick.”

“Great,” she says, taking a notepad from his desk. “What do you need from me?”

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