Shattered, Annabelle Blogs

Through Scoey Delahunt, Annabelle discovers The Frantic Feminist, a blog maintained by Rebecca Asher, who Annabelle also knows as a reporter for Creative Loafing. Rebecca’s brash and take-no-prisoners style impresses Annabelle, and she anticipates each new entry every few days. Rebecca divides the blog into four main topics, posts on general feminism, which she publishes on Thursday, reviews of shows or openings and recommendations, she typically posts on Monday, film reviews, which appear on Friday, and general topics she posts intermittently, as ideas occur to her.

Annabelle frequently contributes to the discussion threads, and on numerous occasions, she and Rebecca have exchanges. When Annabelle tries to get Scoey to introduce her to Rebecca, however, she learns he had a falling out with her, and they’re no longer speaking to one another.

One morning in December of 2005, Annabelle notices the front page of the blog now has a black background, and rather than Rebecca’s acerbic prose, there’s a note from Steven, Rebecca’s brother, informing readers that Rebecca was killed in a car accident in late-November. Annabelle joins the chorus of readers posting condolences, and receives a brief boilerplate note of thanks from Steven. Regretting the loss of Rebecca’s perspective going forward, the idea is planted in the back of her mind that perhaps Annabelle should try her hand at blogging.

Roscoe informs Annabelle that he and his girlfriend, Aileen, have decided to get married, and Annabelle is among the friends they’re inviting to witness the wedding at the DeKalb courthouse. Annabelle later discovers their decision was also inspired by news of Rebecca’s death. She uses her MARTA mobility pass to get her to downtown Decatur, where she encounters the most unusual wedding party she’s ever witnessed. A number of them work in the theatrical community and come in elaborate costumes they’ve designed for Dragon*Con or Renaissance fairs, and more than a few are well-adorned with tattoos. Scoey is wearing a plaid sports coat with chinos and a dark polo shirt, and Aileen has on a white mini dress with black, knee-high boots and is wearing a crown of silk flowers. Everyone has a wonderful time, and after the ceremony, they adjourn to a nearby Appleby’s for the reception.

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