Nature of God

The nature of that which we call God exists in the act of creation. The instilling of matter and energy with their given properties which set in motion the building blocks of the universe. Afterward, what more needed to be done? The basic elements of everything that followed were in place and all that was left was to let them form into whatever configuration came about. Was there a conscious intent behind that? Did there need to be?

Much debate has taken place on the nature of God and how this entity interacts with the products of the universe. Was creation enough for it or was there a need for a guiding hand in what developed after? Perhaps the whole idea was to see what came about and if this was so, interference wasn’t warranted. Surely with the rise of life on Earth, particularly humans, whatever was responsible for the creation of the universe would want to step in to show us the way. Maybe not. We, too, are products of the universe, so why should we feel entitled to special treatment just because we have the ability to contemplate our place in the cosmos? 

Every creature on earth is destined to die and every species is destined to evolve into something else or go extinct. This is the pattern of history which we have the power to observe. Why should we feel things will be different for us? It’s our responsibility to recognize the unique opportunity presented to us and to learn how best to live in this universe full of infinite possibilities. We have it in our hands to enhance life on this planet, not just for ourselves but for every creature with whom we share this experience. To deny our responsibility, to act like we have no control and are mere players being directed by an unseen hand without our understanding accomplishes nothing. 

We conceive the world around us. We define the terms and have the ability to see the effect we’re having. So far, no other entity has stepped in to definitively show us the way. A few vague words crafted by others in an ancient time are insufficient to provide us with the tools to navigate what we recognize as an increasingly complex existence. Perhaps it’s time to stop looking to the past and start accepting the evidence right in front of us for guidance. 

There’s a point in the transition from childhood into becoming an adult where the individual stops looking over his or her shoulder to see how the elders are reacting, where one learns to trust the lessons learned and to combine them with one’s own observations to chart one’s course. For humanity, that time is now. The future’s before us and it’s within our means to be diligent stewards of this planet or to destroy it. We can’t keep waiting, assuming everything will work out for the best. If we are going to appoint ourselves as rulers on this Earth, it’s time to fully accept the responsibility that comes with it, otherwise we risk becoming just another footnote in its history. 

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