Fun with Photoshop: Skulls

Today’s subject is a foam skull I purchased the last time the Georgia Shakespeare Festival performed Hamlet. I photographed it on my dining table, using just the overhead lights and natural lighting from the window. The tabletop has an interesting design that provided a nice backdrop. I edited it with some filters in Photoshop Express.


The original image, cropped.


Processed with the Reverse (Negative) filter.


Once I had the negative image, I ran it through some other filters.


Negative, processed with the Silvered filter.


Negative, with the Dappled filter.


Negative, with the Dream filter.


Negative, with the Glow filter.


Then I took the Glow image and processed with some further filters.


Negative, Glow, with the Haze filter.


Negative, Glow, with the Superpunch filter.


Negative, Glow, with the Contrastpunch filter,


Amazing what a little photo processing can do.

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