Crazy Like the Foxes now available on Kindle!

When a couple has been married for over eleven hundred years, there’s very little they haven’t encountered. Join Charles and Renee Fox on their romp through history and meet some of their friends and contemporaries. From the fall of the Roman Empire to the rise of the modern industrial state, they’ve been a part of it all!

I’m pleased to report that the second volume of The Long-Timer Chronicles, Crazy Like the Foxes, is now available in Kindle format, as well as paperback. For those who purchase the print version on Amazon, the Kindle version can be purchased for a reduced price. Amazon Prime, and KindleUnlimited users can borrow the book for free!

Cover of The Long-Timer Chronicles: Crazy Like the FoxesThe original volume, A Tale of Two Sisters is also available in print and Kindle versions, and can also be read for free by Amazon Prime and KindleUnlimited users.

For most people, being brutally murdered is the end of the story but for Victoria Wells, it’s only the beginning. Follow along as Victoria goes from being a prostitute in the East End of London in 1888 to a wealthy philanthropist in current-day New York City and meet Victoria’s sister Allison, a long-timer like Victoria. Their adventures take them across two centuries and numerous situations and they’re just getting started.

Cover of The Long-Timer Chronicles: A Tale of Two Sisters

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