Rise of the Know Nothings

Americans frequently exhibit a dangerous bias toward experts. The more educated and informed one is, the less likely one is to be trusted in this country. We see evidence of this in schools, in business, and most particularly in politics. The newcomer, uncompromising and untainted by years of corruption or back room deal making, always … Continue reading Rise of the Know Nothings

Two Doors, People, Two Doors

When I was a student at Georgia State University in Atlanta, as ten-o-clock break rolled around, students would stream out of Sparks Hall, cross Courtland Street and enter the Student Center to get to the cafeteria. There was and probably still is a single set of doors that lead out of Sparks Hall onto Courtland, … Continue reading Two Doors, People, Two Doors

In Tribute to a Graduating Class

Dedicated to the William H. Russell High School Graduating Class of 1981. Yesterday's children, obscured from sight, Burst up through time and into the light. Stand amongst honor and take your bow. Yesterday's children have all grown up now. Though years you've labored, toiled, and strained, Year after year you faced it again. So now … Continue reading In Tribute to a Graduating Class