Worthy, Part 2

Rhiannon Worthy came from a family of remarkable women. Her mother, Abigail Padgett Worthy, had not been content to sit at home while her husband managed a newspaper, and instead joined him, becoming one of Seattle's first women correspondents in the 40s, and when her husband died from cancer, just two years after Rhiannon was … Continue reading Worthy, Part 2

Worthy, Part 1

Abigail Worthy steps into the living room of the home she shares with her mother, Rhiannon, and presents herself. She's dressed in a blue plaid skirt, short-sleeved, pressed, white shirt, with saddle oxfords and light colored socks. Her dark hair is pulled back into a ponytail. Rhiannon examines her closely and nods. "This will make … Continue reading Worthy, Part 1