Universal Deism 

Science shows us what makes up the world around us, but it's not always so concerned with the metaphysical why. Water is a basic building block for life on Earth, for instance. Does it matter why hydrogen and oxygen combine to create water? Was there some sort of divine plan underlying this behavior? A divine … Continue reading Universal Deism 

Creation Myths

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." So begins the first creation narrative in Genesis, chapter one. This narrative, which among other things states that water existed on earth before there was light, encompasses the creation of all living things, including humans. The story is directly contradicted by the following chapter of … Continue reading Creation Myths

Notes on a New Religion

I regard myself as a non-theist, not because I reject the notion of an entity that, to humanity, would seem godlike, but because I reject a specific concept of how that entity manifests itself. I do not believe in a benevolent father-figure that's sitting on a throne watching over us and making sure everything turns … Continue reading Notes on a New Religion