Real Bible Studies: The Book of Jonah

One of the shorter books of the bible, Jonah provides us with a situation where God has a justifiable beef with one of its subjects. We also see a significant alteration in how God deals with disobedience, as opposed to Genesis and other early books. Faced with a totally unwilling prophet, God gets very creative, … Continue reading Real Bible Studies: The Book of Jonah

Listen to the Warm

When I was a teenager, I had very specific ideas about what constituted poetry, rhyming verses, measured lines, lofty subjects like love and death. Then I read Listen to the Warm by Rod McKuen, and everything changed. I was aware of McKuen's work as a singer and songwriter, having seen him on television in the … Continue reading Listen to the Warm

In Tribute to a Graduating Class

Dedicated to the William H. Russell High School Graduating Class of 1981. Yesterday's children, obscured from sight, Burst up through time and into the light. Stand amongst honor and take your bow. Yesterday's children have all grown up now. Though years you've labored, toiled, and strained, Year after year you faced it again. So now … Continue reading In Tribute to a Graduating Class

A Change of Season

Fields in flower, love in Spring, Joy to human hearts it brings. Life awakens, love in bloom, happiness fills every room. Gentle showers rain again, Summer winds blow quickly in. Life is wondrous, warm, secure. Love comes quickly, more mature. Heated days give passionate haste, To livened kisses, quick embrace. Yet, all seems well in … Continue reading A Change of Season