Author’s Intent, Year End

Another year is quickly heading toward its conclusion and once again, I consider it one of the worst. It’s apparently become a recurring theme that one year is worse than before. This one has been particularly grueling, due to a few personal decisions and mainly due to the few constants throughout this year. I’m ending this one unemployed and, unless circumstances change radically in a few days, I’ll probably have to dip into assets for financing again, something I had hoped was behind me.

I have, so far, avoided any major illnesses and, because of the Affordable Care Act, will once again have health coverage in the new year, but my chronic problems with finding a job continue to haunt me. On the other hand, my fitness is much better and I’m able to exercise regularly. All indications are that my health is still good, so hopefully, I can continue this trend. There is the possibility that I can go back to work with a previous employer, but when and where remains uncertain.

So, as I enter the last several days of 2021, I have very few milestones with which to gauge the year. I updated some books, and started a shop on my blog, but otherwise haven’t produced any major creative works. I continue to make progress on Worthy, but don’t have a completion date for it yet. I’ve also made a few strides with Terminus and Boom Town, but neither is quite coming together just yet. Maybe it’s something to look forward to in the upcoming year.

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  1. I had both of my hands badly fractured less than three weeks ago, but surgery went great and I’m healing fast. So… Here’s to a great new year, my friend!

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